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Fall tips and trends

Hey beauties!

It's officially fall and I'm ecstatic. I could barely handle the summer heat and Autumn is my favorite season for its beauty. It also means it's time to take out the leather coats and adapt your skincare and makeup to the weather change.

If you're lucky enough, your summer makeup and skincare might not need a change and you can continue with regular programming. For the rest of us struggling, here's a few tips that can make your skincare and makeup combo look a bliss:

- My dry skin beauties; you might need extra moisture and TLC in these times. Add hydrating moisturizer and primer to your skincare routine. Change your foundation and/or setting spray to a moisturizing one, it works wonders. Oh, Evian facial spray too.

-My oily skin beauties, same advice but with a mattifying base, foundation and/or setting spray.

- Drink a bunch of water. Your skin will be happy and glowy.

- Get a facial or buy a face mask

-- Switch your skincare regimen to what your skin now calls for.

- Witch Hazel.

-Try aloe or coconut oil before going to bed

Fall also means that its time to play with contrast. Get out your comfort zone and try brighter with darker colors. Wether it's with eyeshadow or lipstick, you can make a big statement with a simple touch. My favorite fall colors at the moment are dark red, bright purple, orange brule and dark brown.

Current fall trends are:

- Glossy lips

- Clear brow gel

- Colored eyeliner

- Black winged eyeliner with bold matte lipstick

- Glowy skin (always trending in my book)

- A lot of blush and mascara

- Smokey eyes with neutral or warmer colors

- Neon eyeshadow ( Huda Beauty has the cutest Neon obsessions palette)

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