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Major key Mondays: Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the key to EVERYTHING.

Aloe Vera can cure it all for you, no matter what your skin type or issue is. Not only is it a beautiful plant to have inside and outside your home, you can use it anywhere from your skin to your hair and you can also eat it. For eating, I highly recommend to rinse it so there's no more bitterness.

I was badly injured a few months ago and Aloe vera played a significant part closing my wounds and to my current healing. It accelerated the cure, calmed the itching, cooled and hydrated the wounds, softened the skin, concealed the appearance of my injury and is helping with pigmentation.

It's incredible what a slimy plant can do. It is to this day the most studied herb and has been a major key for over 6000 years BC. Egyptian goddesses knew the secrets.

All in all, it's benefits are earth's natural blessings.

Don't sleep on nature


Accelerates healing (especially burns and cuts)

Treats wounds

Improves skin

Reduces wrinkles


Antibacterial properties

Great for dry skin

Cures acne

Helps sensitive skin


Lighten blemishes

Soothing (even for sunburns)




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