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Major key Mondays: Water

Water though.

My favourite drink for life. Literally.

Although I'm all for the makeup slay life, having a healthy skin is crucial to me and for the most part it's a direct reflexion of your health and skin regiment. I noticed a HUGE difference on my skin and body when I switched to mostly drinking water and tea. Same goes for my clients, just by a glimpse I can tell who drinks water from who doesn't. I can talk about the amazingness of water all day as it is in fact a necessity for your skin and body. Besides, who doesn't love having a healthy glowing skin and hair that grows fast.

Here are some skin benefits to drinking water:



Gives that natural glow




Increases elasticity

Combats skin problems

Delays wrinkles

Reduces fine lines


Helps circulation



P.s. Not only is it thirst quenching, there's also unlimited yummy & healthy ways of drinking water if drinking it flat bores you.

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