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My microblading experience

Happy Monday beauties!

Don't we all love having eyebrows on fleek? SO much work goes into having good brows. Threading, waxing, plucking, growing them out, making sure the shape is on point, drawing them in every single day and even tinting in some cases.

Although I'm great at drawing my brows, it's a step I wanted to be optional especially for my everyday look. My natural brows aren't as full as I draw them to be so I started looking into different options. Microblading and microshading were my top two. I'm SUPER PICKY with anybody touching my face so just the idea of a slight mess up had me terrified. I was looking for someone who could do something natural and could work with my bone structure. After doing a lot of research I decided to go for microblading with Sev from SevMyLook, a certified beauty expert with over 20 years of experience who works her magic internationally. I absolutely love her work and felt like she really understood what I was looking for.

The day for my appointment finally came. I arrived hella nervous at Sev's Miami location. She made me sign some paperwork to fully understand the ins and outs of the procedure also to be aware of any allergies or health conditions. Her assistant removed my eye makeup and drawn in brows to apply some numbing cream which I was very happy about (especially after hearing a few microblading horror stories)

I was then greeted by Sev in this beautiful room where she had everything ready for me

She used this fun sketching technique to draw the shape of my future brows. The shape was on point at the first attempt but she was still very open to any changes I wanted bring.

I laid there comfortably with my numb brows, excited for the process to start.

I only felt a tingle when she started. She was very gentle with me and respected my sensitive skin. Honestly, the sound is really awkward and hurts more to hear than the actual feeling.

< She was very attentive to my reactions. She knew exactly when to apply more numbing cream which made the experience very comfortable for me.

About an hour later, we were done and I was SO happy with the outcome. She did exactly what I wanted. My brows looked amazing and very natural. They'll look this good for about a year and next year I'm DEFINITELY going to see Sev again. Check out some pictures below and a before/after!


Happy customer! Don't forget to follow her on both her Instagram accounts

Sometimes it's all about getting out of your comfort zones and giving new things a try.

Thank you for such an amazing microblading experience Sev!

I really love my new brows. So worth the try.


Have a goodnight loves!

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