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Netflix & Hurricane Irma

Happy Monday!

You know something is critical if Miami people start panicking. Hurricane Irma was indeed one frightening lady. We were all greatly blessed it shifted last minute and spared us from colossal damages.

All scariness aside, what do you do when you have to prepare yourself to be on survival mode for a few days at home without power and still have a life? You make sure you're well equipped on water, food, snacks (very important), battery life (packs & laptop too), books and Netflix downloads. It definitely was an extended Netflix and chill session. I got to catch up on my favourite shows like Narcos (Season 3 is BOMB btw) in my favourite pjs while enjoying some hookah. I also got to play around with awesome new makeup I wanted to discover like the super pigmented EXTRA long lasting cream and waterproof Makeup Forever color paint shadow in Matte red that I absolutely love (check the picture below). It blends like magic without needing much. Yes. Yes. Yes. I will be getting every single color. Seriously.

In all honesty, since I've upgraded my pj game there's something about the silk pyjamas & makeup combo that keeps me addicted. I love the feeling on my skin and it makes me look cute and grownish all while highkey being happy to be in pjs. Then again, I'm addicted to silk dresses, pillow cases, sheets and bonnets. My sister calls me a pimp. I tell her it's hard out here for a pimp.

Makeup details below


Powder fabric in number 12 - Giorgio Armani


Ebony Browwiz - Anastasia Beverly Hills


Matte red AQUA XL color paint shadow - Makeup forever


Fresh glow in Nude radiance - Burberry


Pinkish lip gloss - Dirty little secret cosmetics

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