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SKINCARE : Dr. Brandt’s no more baggage

As the holidays are coming up, most of us are working overtime & running everywhere. Being sleepless in my case, really shows under my eyes. I can go from looking like I drank 10 gallons of water and slept 20 hours to tales from the crypt real quick. Lately the “no more baggage” from Dr.Brandt has been doing magic for my undereyes so I definitely wanted to share this little morning routine gem that gets rid of dark circles, puffiness and bags.

How to use:

Rub a little in between two fingers to warm it up. Dab or massage it under your eyes daily, can be reapplied as needed. You can use it alone or before your makeup

Here are the pros and cons 

+ For all skin types

FAST results  Hypoallergenic Feels like your second skin

Restores under eye contour 

Gives restful look under the eyes  Fragrance free Fine lines where? Safe for contact lense wearers Dermatologist tested Ophthalmologist tested No more tired looking eyes

- None 

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