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SKINCARE: Farsali rose gold elixir

Hey beauties! 

I’m not even going to lie I’ve been ashy with the weather change. I have to spend extra time making sure I don’t look like I just went through a sandstorm. My skin is very sensitive and requires a different kind of tlc so I was ecstatic to try something new when my friend from Canada gifted me this beauty oil for my birthday. My face has been absolutely LOVING this product as it’s been keeping me looking glowy and healthy in any weather especially with the 24k gold flakes that melt in your skin. I also love that it can be mixed with your foundation or base to create a natural finish.

Here are the pros and cons


There’s gold duh

Deeply moisturizing 

For all skin types


Makes skin look radiant 

Not oily

Evens out skin tone

Has vitamins & antioxidants

Made with Rosehip seed & safflower oil 

Vegan & cruelty free


Packaging is very sensitive 

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