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SKINCARE FRIDAY: Boscia exfoliating peel gel


I really like to do my skincare and hair treatments on weekends so I'm on point all week while I get lost in the grind sauce. One of my skincare favs is the Boscia exfoliating peel gel. Although the process of a peel gel is just disgusting, it's a step to take towards baby smooth skin. I use this lightweight gel weekly due to my sensitive skin but it can be used daily. You scrub it on to your clean dry skin in circular motions and rinse off the exfoliation. Follow with your moisturizer.

Here are the pros and cons of this Boscia gel



Very gentle

Brightens skin

Makes pores invisible

Balances skin tone

Removes dead skin

Skin firming

Preservative free

No Paraben

No Sulfates

No Phthalates


Seeing the peel

Touching the peel

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