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TGIF beauties!

There's a few things I won't give up in this life and coconut oil is definitely in my top.

There's a lot of different point of views regarding coconut oil but I'm #TeamCoconutOil all the way.

Once upon a time, I used to go all out with hair dye. The bleach was breaking my hair and literally fried my curl pattern so I stopped colouring it and was forced to be all about TLC. Thanks to coconut oil my texture is back and healthier than ever. Also, my skin became very sensitive and I would get major breakouts on my face and body. I would do the oil cleansing method and bounced right back to my usual smooth skin. Due to its unique fat composition and natural antioxidant, coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer. Since it's summertime, I highly suggest to use it home or in the evening on your skin to avoid cooking under the sun.

I still ask myself how is coconut oil so damn good for skin and hair? It's made miracles to mines and to the women in my family. It's truly unmatched.

I could talk about it for hours so let's jump straight to the pros and cons



Skin and hair moisturizing

Skin soothing

Skin cleansing

Eyelash growth

Removes makeup

Lip moisturizer (or tinted moisturizer, mix it with a lipstick)

Natural highlight

Helps with stretch marks

Can replace your shaving cream

Great for homemade beauty recipes (lip scrub, body scrub)

Hair mask (oil treatment to moisturize hair before shampoo or as a leave-in)

Helps heal bruises, burns, bug bites and eczema


Can be a massage oil

Breath refresher

Can be used for cooking


Avoid from the sun or you will fry

Don't overdo it

It might not work for you

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