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SKINCARE FRIDAY: Radio frequency facial

Happy Friday beauties!

Have you ever thought to yourself: My skin looks horrible right now?

I definitely have. I'm not sure if it's the weather change or the products I've been using that don't work for me anymore but one things for sure, my skin hasn't been at a 100 which called for a facial ASAP.

Although I'm into skincare, there's always more to be done. My skin has been super dull with a few dark spots so I recently paid my favourite skincare professional Sev a visit. I followed her advice and tried a radio frequency facial for the first time. I absolutely loved it. It's basically a 30 minutes hot face massage with a cool machine that stimulates your collagen and leaves your skin GLOWING.

Here are the pros and cons

(See before and after pictures below)





Softens lines

Removes dark spots

Helps produce collagen

Boost oxygen levels in skin

Removes dullness



Tolerable heat




(Got my eyebrows threaded on second picture)


Pampering is important,treat yourself.

Thank you Sev for always keeping my face and brows on point in Miami!

Make sure to follow her on social media ---> Facebook + Business Instagram + Personal Instagram

& me ---> Facebook + Instagram

Have a great weekend xo

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