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Happy Friday beauties!

Let's talk toner! It's basically a skincare preparation that you do after a harsh cleansing or scrub right before your moisturizer. Each ingredient in toner has a power, choose wisely as needed. Most are water based with plenty good stuff.

I'll be completely honest, for the longest time I wasn't using toner. I knew about a few good toners on the market, even how to make a homemade one and for no particular reason, it wasn't part of my skincare routine. I started using toner about a year ago when my skin became very sensitive and it was game changer for me. Especially since I wear heavy makeup on a daily basis, it gives me that extra cleansing. Boy was I missing out.

Here are some pros and cons of toner


Skin cleansing

Balances and restores skin ph (especially oily or acne prone)


Minimizes pores

Removes oil

Removes dirt

Protects skin



Anti inflammatory


Great for any skin type


Smell might be strong for some

Might sting

Floral toner, rose du jardin from French girl organics on picture

Don't sleep on toner loves!

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