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Skincare Fridays: Boscia Luminizing black mask

Happy Friday beauties!

Although, I'm totally obsessed with makeup, I'm even more obsessed with skincare. It's crucial for me to have great skin and keep it baby soft. Many of my clients and followers have been asking me what I use on my face to keep it that way so I'll be spilling some beans every Friday from now on.

Stay tuned!

One of my favs is the popular Boscia Luminizing black mask. Honestly, it's all over the place for a reason. First time time I tried it was out of pure curiosity. I got in my fav pjs, turned on my Bose speaker, lit up some candles, poured myself a glass of cognac and applied an even layer to my clean, dry skin and waited about 30 minutes. It was super awkward but I low-key liked the extra tight no way out feeling on my face. Here came peel off time and for someone with sensitive skin, it was a rough but pretty cool ride. Following the peel, I rinsed out the residues and broke out like crazy that same night, which worried me at the time. Surprisingly, I woke up the next day with FLAWLESS skin. I can't get enough since. I use it about once a week and it keeps my skin free from blackheads, dead skin and the numerous impurities that comes with living in tropical Miami.


good for any skin type


pulls out black heads in a quickness

great for pores, oiliness and impurities

skin brightening

leaves skin smooth

no preservatives


peel off can be intense for sensitive skin

DO NOT put mask close to eyes, lashes, brows and hairline

Thanks for reading & have a great weekend

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