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Skincare Fridays: Lush ocean salt

Dear Lush, I'm forever obsessed with you.

It all started when my older sister @thefancyrealtor brought me to Lush to spoil her baby sis with a bath bomb and a Sultan soap (which is still my favourite soap until this day). So for 10 years now, I've basically anchored my spot on the "obsessed with Lush" wagon and have been having WAY too much fun spending my weekends taking baths and pampering myself.

One Lush discovery that I continuously buy is the Ocean salt face and body scrub. It's truly one of the best products I've ever tried. Exfoliants are my thing and I'm a beach bum. This product was made for me. The coarse and fine sea salt exfoliates while melting on your skin. The coconut oil and avocado butter in the mixture leaves your skin nice and smooth. On top of a bomb exfoliant, you also get a lime infused vodka tonic.


For all skin types



Mostly organic (natural ingredients + safe synthetics)

Smells yummy

Feels amazing

Only have to use a small amount

Different pot sizes are available


Slightly pricey (but worth it)

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