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SKINCARE SUNDAY: Ponds cold cream cleanser

Happy Sunday beauties!

I often get the question; girl what do you use to remove your makeup?

The answer is pretty simple, some good makeup wipes and a cream cleanser. I've tried plenty makeup removers but most of them are too strong for my sensitive skin and make me break out. I like this cleanser because it removes ALL makeup, waterproof or not. It leaves my skin GLOWING and happy. It's been around since 1907, I remember even my grandma and aunts having this product in their bathroom. Heard Marilyn Monroe used this too. It does all the work by itself which is great for women like me who get lazy after a long day of work and still care for your face. You scoop a little out with your fingers, massage it all over and remove it with a baby wipes for sensitive skin (easier to throw away) or a wet cloth. Although it labels it as optional, I always rinse it off. I've been in love with this product for a few years now and it never let me down.

Here are the pros and cons




Leaves skin moisturized

Works with all skin types

Tough on makeup

Sensitive on skin and lashes

Doesn't clog pores

No-rinse (only if desired)

Dermatologist tested

This cleanser is 50% moisturizer (so if you have oily skin, you might want to try it with a warm damp washcloth

Very affordable price

No fragrance

Sulfate free

Dye free

Aluminium free


Doesn't come with a scoop or spatula

The smell is light but isn't for everybody

Might be too moisturizing for some

Heavy texture

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