SKINCARE SUNDAY: St-Ives Apricot scrub

Hey beauties!

I’ll be changing my skincare posts to Sundays. It’s always been my pampering and skincare day so it’s only right that I keep it accurate.

I know there’s a ton of skincare on the market. Some are pricier than others but it’s all about what works for your skin. I’ve never been the skincare hoarder type, I stick to what my skin likes.

I’ll never forget my mom putting me on to this 5$ hidden gem when I was 17. She had been using it for a while and loved it so she figured it could be a good solution for my teenager break outs and really bad pms. Although I’ve never had bad acne, everytime I pms or eat unhealthy my skin hates me (until this day). I was then hit with the motherly “you need to take better care of your skin” pep talk, I definitely took it to heart. This walnut shell powder and apricot fruit extract scrub made a HUGE difference for my skin and kept it smooth like butter even ten years later.

Thanks mom!

Here are the pros and cons


Under 10$

Deep exfoliation

Buffs skin

Polishes skin

Removes dead skin

Removes dullness

Smooth on skin (if you’re very sensitive, they also have a grapefruit scrub for radiant skin that has softer beads)

Can be found anywhere


Smells good


Deep cleans

Leaves skin glowing



Not 100% natural

Don't over scrub your face (3-4 times a week should be enough)

There's been some drama regarding this product but I've personally never had any issues with it or anyone in my surroundings

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