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Toronto Caribana 2017

It was that time of the year again!

God knows how much I love carnivals. I grew up going to carnivals with my family, as it is a big part of the caribbean culture. Carnivals celebrate the beauty of the culture, life, music, costumes, history, talent and let's not forget the food!

Although there are many amazing carnivals around the world, Toronto Caribana remains amongst the top while gathering people around the world to witness this colourful celebration. Toronto Caribana is still one of the biggest caribbean carnivals in the world and I'm so glad I was able to be apart of it this year as a makeup artist.

Thanks to @nammymontana , I joined forces with up and slaying artist Nakesha and we both had the blessing to work our magic on many Toronto beauties throughout this busy weekend.

Here's a few looks I was able to capture for the parade

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