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What I learned from my sister's minimalist makeup routine

Although makeup is my thing, I usually take my sweet precious time to doll up. I always admired my big sister Sarah @thefancyrealtor for her minimalism and 5 minutes everyday makeup.

Here's what I've learned:

Internal health: Being healthy makes all the difference. Drinking a lot of water and eating well is crucial to great skin. No matter how great or expensive your makeup is, if your skin is unhealthy it will never look flawless.

Invest: Invest a lot of money in quality makeup and skincare over quantity.

NO HOARDING: It's hard not to binge with all these options on the market. Stick to the actual few things that work for you and keeps you beat.

Master: Learn to master two or three things you're good at and make it your everyday routine. (Ex: Brows, eyeliner/mascara, blush and lipstick)

--> S.N. If you haven't seen how Sarah got a million dollar listing from a cold call, you're missing out: Check out her video here & don't forget to subscribe

Also see her website if you're house searching!

Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend!

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