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REVIEW: Electronic makeup brush cleanser and dryer

Hey beauties,

there has been so much madness on social media around this brush cleanser. I was always skeptical to try it as I'm a super clean freak overall. Although cleaning brushes has to be the most boring part about being a makeup artist, I trust my bare hands to clean my brushes over any new brush cleansing technology. After a long day of contracts, I finally decided to give this spinny gadget thing a try and see if it could help a girl out. I definitely want share my experience with you all.

I tried the Zoe Ayla "REVOLUTIONARY" electronic brush cleanser and dryer. The box is cute and exciting. When you open it, the packaging is great. The box comes with a clear bowl and a spin remote which includes 8 different black rubber gaskets to hold different brush sizes.

I filled the bowl with water and soap, the remote with two AAA batteries and I was ready to rock and roll. At first, I thought the spin remote was cool and different. I was totally got caught up in the spinning. I started by cleaning my smaller brushes and regardless of the amount of time I'd spin it, they were never fully clean or "dry". A good residue of soap would remain on the inside of the brush bristles and outside of the brush which drove me nuts...

Changing rubber gaskets for each brush size drove me nuts too. It REALLY slowed down my cleaning process. I already felt like I was wasting my time and hadn't even gone through the bigger brushes yet.

Then, I tackled on my bigger babies. The spin slowed down alot as the bigger brush entered the water, not allowing it to have receive a full spin like the smaller ones. Due to that, it stayed dirty and full of soap. I then wondered if maybe I had put too much soap so I tried again with less soap and had the same results even with medium size brushes.

I absolutely HATED the drying part as it left my brushes looking crazy like they had just went through a big fat soapy tornado.

Ultimately, I did not enjoy this brush cleanser AT ALL. I was skeptical for all the right reasons. It didn't clean any of my brushes nor did it really dry them as they stayed humid after each spin and soapy on the inside. I affirm that it doubled the time it usually takes me to clean my brushes.

Maybe this gadget works wonders for people who don't really wear makeup and barely have anything on their brushes. I'm aware there's a wide variety of electronic brush cleansers on the market that could possibly work better then the one I tried but as of now, I'll stick to my old school two hands.

The bowl was great to soak my brushes though.

Thanks for reading my review!

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